McEvoy Engineering has continued to invest in its facility, including the acquisition of additional workshop space and investment in machinery. This ongoing expansion, made possible by consistent growth in demand, has vastly increased our capacity and will facilitate greater efficiency and segragation of workspace.

The latest development in 2019 of an additional 11,000 sq ft workshop sees McEvoy operating 3 separate workspaces capable of accomodating larger scale projects for its clients

Workshop FacilitiesMcEvoy new office facility

Manufacturing area internal:  28,000 sq ft

Manufacturing & Laydown external: 32,000 sq ft

Office: 1,500 sq ft

Overhead Crane: 10 tonne capacity

Areas set aside for storage, works testing

Within our facility we have designated areas for stainless steel fabrication and for aluminium and stainless steel materials to minimise contamination of materials.

Drawing Capability

We have skilled in-house technicians using Solidedge and AutoCad software to produce our own fabrication drawings.

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